Running boards for your Truck, Overlander or 4WD have now gone to the next level. No longer do you need massive steps swinging halfway out in the wind ruining your fuel economy, getting caught on things on the track and worst of all looking ugly.

Here’s the answer to what you’ve been looking for -the AMP Research Powersteps!!!

AMP is an innovative company that revels in the challenge of solving problems for the Truck owner who demands form and function in one single product.

What makes the Powerstep range so good is that when you open the door they automatically deploy, giving you a full size and length step to climb into your 4WD. Once you close the door the steps then automatically retract back into the sill area of the vehicle instantly cleaning up the look of the vehicle, reducing drag and therefore increasing fuel economy and the step will not get caught on anything in the track.     

The complete Powerstep range is built-in the US and come with Diecast aluminium components, precision stainless steel pivot pins for rock solid stability and looks to kill.

There are 3 variants of the AMP research Powersteps;

  1. Powerstep:                      For normal applications.
  2. Powerstep XL:                For lifted trucks 3 inches and over.
  3. Powerstep Xtreme:         For extreme conditions.

Powersteps are available for most US based Trucks from Chev/GMC Ram, Ford, Toyota and Jeep.

Powersteps can be fitted by yourself or have them installed by one of our reseller/installer network

It’s time to tidy up your underside and make it safer to step into your overlander with Powersteps.

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