One of the things that people tell us when they manage to escape from the city and head off to travel Australia, is how dark it gets at night. Like it’s so black that you literally can’t see what’s in front of you…

This can present massive challenges for Overlanders, Adventurers and 4X4 enthusiasts when travelling at night. Being able to see at night is critical when you are driving a heavy loaded vehicle traveling major highways or along a dirt roads and tracks.

You need to have short and long-distance field of vision in order to spot wildlife or be able to see when the next corner is coming up. The earlier you know the sooner you can respond, and in the outback and the bush that means safety, FAMILY safety.

This is where knowledge about lighting comes into play. Having a mix of Spot, Fog, Driving and Flood beams along with work lamps for vehicle interiors and campsites is essential to minimizing any risk found hidden in the dark.