On-road and Off-road, when it comes to adventuring, being able to see at night is absolutely critical, being able to spot animals on the road, undulations in the road surface that can cause a crash, spotting hazards and being seen by other cars is paramount.

That’s where KC Hilites comes in.  Their passion of over 50 years of light, merges legacy with technology resulting in a superior product that will light you up…

Originally designed for the off-road racing market in the US from aircraft landing lights, KC Hilites have now evolved into 3 separate technologies; LED, HID and Halogen for the Off-road Racing/Overland/On-road market.

Each series has benefits and uses depending on your specific application. However, they all have one thing in common, they will light the road in front of you like you have never seen before.

The KC Hilites range includes;

The range covers vehicles from; Jeep, Chevy/GMC, Toyota, Ford, Ram and universal lights that can be made to fit any vehicle.

KC Hilites have the heritage, pedigree and technology that sits behind the brand. Racers trust their lives racing across deserts at 200kmh, so you’ll have complete peace of mind that when you go on your next adventure they will be there and ready for action.

To get more information and product detail on what suits your application, or to purchase KC Hilites reach out to us here.

Impact Distributionis also looking to build a reseller network for KC Hilites across Australia. If you are looking for a premium product that sits apart in the marketplace then contact us here sales@impactwd.com.au