Few companies, thrive to be on the cutting edge of suspension technology for as long as Kings Shocks. Originally developed to tame the rigours of desert racing, Kings Shocks have carved out a niche in history that is second to none.

From their beginning Kings Shocks have innovated their way to the top step of the podium and that winning advantage and technical knowhow is contained in every product they create.

Kings Shocks come in different ranges for different applications;

And the range extends to;

Impact Distribution works with ACF Designs and can supply Kings Shocks with their proprietary Valving/ Setup.

When you plan to adventure off the beaten track, conditions become very extreme in a hurry, that’s when you will have the peace of mind you purchased Kings Shocks and you’ll thank yourself for that choice as you glide over the bumps instead of shaking your teeth out.

For vehicle applications, fitment notes and recommendations and set up contact us here.

If you would like to be a Kings Shocks re-seller then reach out to us here sales@impactwd.com.au