With the growth in the UTE sector over the past few years, the humble ‘Tradie Ute’ has become a status symbol, family truckster and workhorse all in one.

Your Ute needs to work hard all day, then look like a million dollars when you go out in the evening. From a brand perspective, clients look at your Ute and judge the quality of your work and whether they will spend their hard-earned money with your business based on your appearance.

This is where Truxedo comes in.  As the name suggests, it’s like a Tuxedo for your truck. Truxedo is super easy to fit, secure, keeps the water at bay and looks slick, clean and tidy, giving your Ute that premium brand feel.

When it comes to covers for the rear of your vehicle, I’m sure you would agree there are all sorts of variations.  Some automated, some that take up a bunch of load space, others that flap in the breeze while you drive along the road and then there are those that just never seem to fit.

Truxedo has been made using premium quality materials and designed for functional, easy to use, allowing maximum access to the UTE bed and always fits and looks like a premium product should.

Truxedo features include:

It’s time to get the premium look for your Ute with Sentry by Truxedo.

Feel welcome to reach out and ask for fitments for your vehicle.

Impact Distribution are also looking for Distributors for the range of Truxedo Products. If you feel there is a great brand alignment and you like dealing with premium quality products, contact us here sales@impactwd.com.au